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  Paul was single
            John was single
       Mary Magdalene was single
                   Of course, Jesus was single
Single people are a blessing to God's churches!
   The singles ministry has become more pronounced during the latter half of the last century and continues to develop in ways previously not considered.  While other churches were bidding farewell to their college or career bound  young adults, the Baptists have sought ways to both actively retain and minister to them. 
   Not only are the college-aged members of the church able to find active fellowship but older singles are given opportunites to meet with other middle-aged singles.  In fact, some Baptist churches have worked through the issue of divorce and instituted fellowships for those who are no longer married.
World Prayer
Note: The prayer requests to the left are from singles that are updated every day.  Please stop for a moment and take time to pray for those who are seeking God's will and direction in their lives.

   It must also be said that there are those who are neither looking for a mate nor are they desirous of being married.  Being single is not a disease or character fault.  On the contrary, there are those who do not consider being in a primary relationship as necessary to their lives nor necessarily the will of God.  Lifelong singles are in the same need of Christian fellowship as anyone else.  Wise is the church which provides fellowship for all singles.

   In recent years, the Internet has also become a great resource for singles.  Not only are there a wide range of web sites for them, but some have sought to overcome some of the pitfalls of the net by providing Christian chat rooms, matchmaking and dating sites, and online singles groups.
   Furthermore, singles are indeed using this medium to increase their opportunities to meet others while maintaining their spiritual commitments.  More and more, singles are realizing that the potential for finding a mate is greatly increased by joining Christian matchmaking and dating sites where they can find other believers of like faith.
   "Baptists" recommends the sites below to those singles who are looking for that someone special.

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