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Whether it is referred to as evangelism, outreach, or soul winning, no Baptist will deny that we have a responsibility to be personal witenesses for Jesus Christ.
   Giving out the Gospel is not relegated to one methodology.  There are many ways to communicate the good news that Jesus saves.  Most methods are tried and true while others are a response to the current culture.  A few are controversial.  All have been tried by the Baptists.
   Experience over the centuries has taught us that 80% of those who come to Christ do so as the result of being witnessed to by someone they both know and respect.  This would be contrasted to 20% who ask Jesus into their hearts due to either being in a service where the Gospel is preached or hearing the plan of salvation from a stranger.  The lesson here is obvious; the salvation message is most effective when it is personally presented by someone who has experienced being saved and conveys the plan of salvation to those he/she loves and cares about.
   Before enumerating several effective evangelism methodologies, a word of caution should be mentioned.  After all, the Word of God clearly states that, "...he that winneth souls is wise (Proverbs 11:30)."  Therefore, wisdom teaches that not all approaches are to be used by everyone; neither is any one method to be favored over another.  God uses different believers to broadcast the good news in different ways.  His Spirit may direct me in a very different way than you.
   For example, Baptists have been strong in their assertion that preferring door-to-door or "cold turkey" evangelism is the true mark of a real soul winner.  No one would dare argue that many souls have come to Christ due to a few committed believers showing up at the door of a stranger to share the plan of salvation.  Souls have been saved on streets, in malls, and on front doorsteps.  However, not all believers are effective when attempting to use this approach nor should those who prefer it consider others as being weak or less concerned about lost souls for not being involved in it.  Conversely, those who are so much more effective using other methods condemn the believer who carries a "Jesus loves you" sign while they are out running or walks back and forth on a downtown street preaching out of a well worn Bible.  The lost are reached, souls are saved, and God uses all of it to get His work accomplished.
   Godly wisdom would have us all to appreciate any and every effort to get the Gospel to those who need to hear it.

Door-to-Door Evangelism: A terrific way for those who are comfortable witnessing to strangers.  The only equipment needed are a Bible, the Plan of Salvation, and the ability to ability to converse freely.
Personal Evangelism: A one-to-one approach and usually with someone who knows and respects the believer who is sharing the Gospel with him/her.
Church Outreach Evangelism: Those ministries in the church which are either totally dedicated to evangelism (e.g. Visitation night) or include evangelistic appeals in every ministry, program, or function.
Preaching Evangelism: When the church rallies around the pastor who includes a clear presentation of the Gospel at Sunday morning services followed by an invitation with personal workers ready and available to lead those to Christ who respond.
Mass Evangelism: Using various venues to broadcast the Gospel such as radio, television, the Internet, etc. 
Literature Evangelism: Souls are reached using Gospel tracts and other printed materials which explain the plan of salvation
Small Group Evangelism: This can take the form of home Bible studies, special interest small groups, or even active Sunday school classes which emphasize inviting unsaved people to attend the group functions.
Lifestyle Evangelism: The idea here is that the unsaved also equate integrity with the verbal testimony of those who share the Gospel with them.  In fact, every form of evangelism needs to take this into consideration as it is essential that the lost be able to identify that the walk matches the talk of those who claim to be believers.  However, in itself, this form of evangelism is very weak.  Rarely does a lost person ever walk up to a believer and say, "I have noticed that you live a very godly life so would you lead me to Christ?"

An Effective Set of Scriptures to Use When Leading a Soul to Christ

No one is perfect - Romans 3:10
In fact, all are sinners - Romans 3:23
Jesus Christ died for sinners - Romans 5:8
Sin brings death but trusting Christ as Saviour brings eternal life - Romans 6:23
Believing and confessing results in salvation - Romans 10:9&10
Calling on the Lord to be saved - Romans 10:13

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