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   Women are the real backbone of every strong Baptist church.
  Even though Baptists generally maintain that men are to be the leaders of the church, that leadership would be totally ineffective if not for the involvement and support of the women in it's membership.  Thank God for our women!
   Contrary to the general view that Baptists repress their women by beating them to death with the "be ye submissive" precept, the backbone of every church are of the female gender.  They are the nurturers, heartbeat, and conscience of every local congregation.  Without them, Sunday school classes would go without teachers.  The choir would only be 30% filled.  The decore of the church facility would be sterile.  Furthermore, the church would be nothing but a boys club with little heart or soul.  God uses women in a tremendous way to complete the mission and function of His churches.
   Building a strong church women's ministry necessitates an understanding of those things that are important to women.  Whether it is the pastor's wife, a lady in the church who has a real burden for other women, or a group of ladies who simply want to reach women and their families in the community, the truth is that good godly women are a necessity if a church is ever going to fulfill it's responsibility to the Gospel.
   Furthermore, a pastor and church that realizes the importance of building an effective ministry to women will reap benefits for years to come.  Women bring the kind of heart, soul, and feminine touch that is vital to the life of any congregation.
Women Enjoy Fellowshipping with Other Women
  The traditional "Ladies Bible Study" group that met every Tuesday at noon for a luncheon and tea at the church has received a thorough working over by the current generation of Baptists.  It has evolved (even Baptists use that word) into a multi-faceted ministry that includes everything from small group in-home prayer meetings to large attendances with nationally known women speakers.  In between are a variety of ministries that both involve women in the work of the church as well as facilitating what they bring to God in their service to the blessing of all.

Women Care Deeply About Those They Love
   The Bible is replete with accounts of women whose love for God bespoke of total commitment as well as their love for husband, children, family, and all those within the circle of their lives.  Wise is the church that continuously reviews its understanding of how women can be used effectively to reach out to those whom they love and care about.  In truth, women are the civilizers of society.  Even moreso, a strong spiritual ministry to and for women will both bring peace to a church as well as the kind of loving stability that is so important for it to function in harmony with itself.

Women Love to Serve God
   Few men are able to spend an hour on a Sunday morning with a toddlers class or group of third graders.  Stick most guys in a nursery with a dozen screaming babies that need to be diapered and the result is going to be far less than acceptable.  Furthermore, it would be a strange choir indeed with the men filling in the saprano and alto sections.  Women love to serve God and all the men are exclaiming, "AMEN!"
   It is true.  Baptists generally reserve the office of pastor and deacon to the men.  However, it is common to find women fulfilling the rolls of leaders in every aspect of church ministry from leading the educational ministry to guiding the music program to filling prominent roles in the everyday functions of the overall ministry.
   What pastor has not admitted repeatedly that, without his godly wife, he would not be near so effective?  What deacon has not sought the counsel of a truly spiritual wife when confronted with the need for understanding regarding situations that arise in that function's responsibility to support the pastor and lead the church well?
   Pastors who uplift the essential importance of women in the ministry of the church will find themselves leading a growing, happy, prosperous church.  Women who work together with the leaders of the church will be a blessing to everyone who attends.  Those women who abuse their standing in the church by imposing their wills when contrary to the leadership of the church can destroy it.  That is the power of women in every local body of believers.
   Women who commit their lives to Christ and serve Him in the church are sure to be a blessing in all that they do.

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