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Baptists have humors?
   Don't doubt it for a moment.  These redeemed people are filled with genuine joy.  Rejoicing is a part of their spiritual nature. 
   Baptists love to laugh!
Signs of the Times
These signs are not prophesied but they do provide some humorous revelations
A Sign from God?
   Baptists can be both humorous and thoughtful at the same time.  Note this bit of smiling sarcasm intended to remind all of us that we need to stay faithful to the principles of God's Word instead of always looking for the supernatural to validate our faith.
Tithe if you love Jesus
...Anyone can honk
   Even though the sign doesn't identify itself as belonging to a Baptist church, is there any doubt?
Always Evangelistic!
   Even their signs bid the unchurched to consider being in attendance the next Sunday.  Is there a Baptist church anywhere who doesn't desire that every seat in every pew be filled when God's people gather together for worship?
A Geography Lesson
      Not so humorous as an effective reminder that our Father has created a very diverse human race.  As a result, a little toleration (not necessarily acceptance) is in order due to His love for even the unlovely.
Sacred Cows?
   A sobering thought regarding the frus-
trating tendency
of Baptists to turn pet peeves into so-called "convictions."
No Separation of Church
and State Here...
   Why is it probable that no Baptist family will every buy a home at this intersection?
Make Room for Church Members
   With this humorous threat being clearly visible in the church parking lot, can you possibly imagine any non-believer who would blink at this omnious warning?  The consequences are much too serious to ignore.
   A terrific roadside admonition said in a clever way to make an important point regarding the power of prayer.
Here's One for the Methodists
   What Baptist would not agree with this sign?  Okay, our tounges are in our cheeks.
   Go Methodists!
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