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        and those who want to know more about them
Baptist Book Store
   Locate all of the writings of Baptists down through history including those of well known contemporary authors at discount prices up to 75% of retail.
Baptist Life
   This resource will link you into the major Baptist periodicals that feature and online presence including their most recent articles.
Baptist Principles & Practices
   A very well presented message series by Pastor M.E. Dodd which stands as an example regarding what it means to be a Baptist.
Baptists Logo Shop
   Now you can proudly display and wear the "I am a Baptist" logo on everything from tee-shirts, drinking mugs, mouse pads, hats, tile coasters, etc., featuring this web site's golden Bible sunset logo.
Baptist Top 100 Web Sites
   This site ranks the top 100 Baptist sites by the number of hits they receive each day.  However, this resource lists over 5,600 sites in total.
Christian Book Distributors
   Discount prices up to 75% off of retail with a huge stock of Christian books, music, DVDs, etc.
Christian History Magazine
   A terrific way to become well versed regarding church history from the first century through to the present day and how it affected Baptists throughout the centuries.
Christian Jobs
   This online resource offers job opportunities to believers with a user friendly database to make contact with perspective Christian employers.
Christian Mingle for Singles
   Singles can meet other Christians that live nearby using this online matchmaking site for those who consider their faith to be a priority.
Counseling for Christians
   Christopher Ministries continues to be a very helpful resource for believers who struggle with varous areas of life.
Today In Bible Prophecy
   A ministry dedicated to teaching and preaching the soon return of Jesus Christ the Jewish Messiah.  We teach the Jewish roots of Christianity and believe Israel is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy.
Evangelical Ecologist
   Meeting the need for a conservative (and sometimes libertarian) Christian voice in the environmental blogosphere today.
History of the Baptists
   This link will take you to what we consider to be the most concise online history of the Baptists.  Dr. John T. Christian, Professor of Christian History at the Baptist Bible Institute of New Orleans, provides a thorough history that goes beyond any other Internet resource. 
Index of Baptist Groups
   A summary of every group that holds to baptistic doctrines and disctinctives.
 Online Bible Study Tools
   Now you can study God's Word and have all of the basic reference tools handy on one page.
 Single Christians Only
    A terrific way for single believers to meet others who hold the same views, values and religious convictions.
Worship Guitar Classes
   Learn to play the guitar for the Lord using this comprehensive and easy-to-use online resource.
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